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Around 26 dedicated professionals Led by Managing Director Mr.Suraj Nayak (PGDM Horticulture) and Director Vinay Narayanappa (MBA).

Landscaping is a dream that Ecoscapes see with open eyes. It is indeed true that we miss a breath of fresh air every morning owing to the concrete jungles that spring up with each passing moment. At EcoScapes, your craving of witnessing greenery around shall be put forth to utmost priority as we design and architecture your landscapes. As founding professionals at Ecoscapes, we pledge to offer the best you can get when it comes to landscape execution and landscape maintenance. Our experience of 9 years in the industry has made us understand the perception to feel fresh and nurtured.

At Ecoscapes, it is our first step to prioritize nature, with utmost care of its balance. With years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have sharpened our skills to be at peace with the environment that we live in. At EcoScapes we make it a point to give back more than we take. At Ecoscapes, we care about a healthy future. We take pride in serving residential and commercial landscaping and gardening design developers, hotels and health care providers , institutions, parks and private residences in Bangalore. Ecoscapes's dedicated staffs at all levels of landscape designing and landscape architecture have built a reputation for attention to detail, customer satisfaction and flexible scheduling. We are the trusted partner for India's high visibility properties.

With our well experienced landscaping architecture team of landscape designers and architects , Ecoscapes Landscape Company can design and build a distinctive outdoor landscape and garden environment that will give enjoyment for years with pleasant look and peace of mind with beatiful landscape architect. If you are interested in residential landscaping and gardening or commercial landscaping and gardening, EcoScapes has the experienced landscape architect and designing staff to meet your needs.

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